Paddleball Hole (2017)


Genre: Animation
My Role: Director and Animator
Synopsis: Two animated characters discover a portal from their world to Santa Monica Beach, where they cross paths with two real-life beachgoers.
Length: 3 minutes

Film Festival Highlights:
Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)
Providence Children’s Film Festival (Providence, RI)
Near Nazareth Festival (Israel)
Beverly Hills Film Festival (Beverly Hills, CA)
ANIMAZE – Montreal International Animation Film Festival (Canada)
Indy Film Fest (Indianapolis, IN)
Crested Butte Film Festival (Crested Butte, CO)
Queensland Touring Film Festival (Australia)

Director Statement: Paddleball Hole is a celebration of hand-crafted cinema. I had an amazing time making this film in the same way old-school animators like Walt Disney made theirs. Each animated frame has been hand drawn, photographed, polished, and carefully placed against the backdrop of Santa Monica Beach with real actors. If Paddleball Hole makes you smile, I have done my job!


Leo Cooper: Through His Own Lens (2018)

Leo documentary poster new background

Genre: Documentary
My Role: Writer, Director, and Composer
Synopsis: Leo Cooper is determined to finish college and share his passion project with the world: his own documentary about how he has succeeded with a learning disability, and how others can, too. Over two decades later, this documentary-within-a-documentary explores how Leo’s message is still relevant today.
Length: 19 minutes, 43 seconds

Film Festival Highlights:
Tallgrass Film Festival (Wichita, KS)

Director Statement: This project started when a relative asked me to digitize some old VHS tapes. I never remember meeting my cousin Leo, but as I watched his home videos I was captivated by this young man and his charming personality. When I discovered that Leo’s videotaping served a larger purpose, I knew I had to make this documentary. Leo Cooper: Through His Own Lens is about advocacy, mental health, and the strength of family.