URB-E Electric Scooter – Commercial

Role: Producer’s assistant

This commercial was shot in one day, so producer Justin Bell needed my help as an assistant to keep in contact with background actors, set up multiple base camps, coordinate transportation, and get release forms signed by the crew and talent.


I Can Afford College – Commercial

Role: Producer’s assistant

I assisted producer Justin Bell on this commercial for from pre-production to the final product. Early on, I was in charge of contacting background actors and researching/scouting locations to shoot the commercial. During production, I kept in touch with vendors to make sure they were up-to-date with our schedule. In post-production, I assisted the producer with Excel to create the final cost report.


Making A Mark – Documentary Short

Roles: Producer and writer

This is a film I produced in a documentary class in the Fall of 2013. The story’s central character is Mark Fauser, a successful writer and actor in Hollywood who moved to the Midwest and used his creative drive to start an art school for children.


Car Commercial – Directing and Cinematography class project

Role: Cinematographer

A 30-second car commercial I filmed in the Fall of 2013 as a cinematography exercise.


Ollie Hubbard: The Ripple Effect – Documentary Short

Roles: Producer and director

Produced for a theatrical production of The Miracle Worker at Taylor University in the Spring of 2014, this piece chronicles the career of Taylor’s theatre director Ollie Hubbard. Like Anne Sullivan in The Miracle Worker, Ollie’s passion in life was going “above and beyond” as a teacher. Although he passed away in 2004, his legacy of excellence continues to impact his students and even future generations.


Honda Fit – Promotional Short

Role: Producer and director

In December 2014, photographer Ryan Caven and two of his friends had the opportunity to take a road trip across the eastern United States to promote the Honda Fit car. Before they left, I filmed a promotional video for their trip. The video was shared by Honda on social media.


Oil and Gold – Documentary Short

Roles: Director and Writer

Funded by a grant from Kansas Humanities Council, this documentary shares the story of how a small-town basketball team from the 1930s became the first gold medal basketball champions at the Olympics. The documentary had several runs on PBS in Wichita, Kansas.


On-Screen Demo Reel

Here are some selections from my work in front of the camera.